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Executive Coaching
with Dr Antje Berlin

Antje Profile

Change is possible. You make it happen. I’m at your side. Together we create a new way of being.
More power. More compassion. More joy.

I’m an executive coach and yoga teacher, with a focus on the balance of body, mind and soul. I help my clients with issues around life challenges, performance reviews, skill improvement, breakdowns, over commitment, new role, communication, work-life balance and life purpose.

Coaching is an internationally recognized discipline in the area of leadership and people development. It enables individuals and teams to break free from old patterns, step into their full potential, and inspire others to follow them in times of change and challenge.


I enjoy supporting my clients in the following areas:

One-on-one Coaching

Executive coaching helps to improve skills, recognize patterns and behave differently. We aim to generate new ways of being. The learning is practical and powerful. This applies to business and life coaching equally. We are whole human beings, who usually show up in similar ways at work and at home.

My clients want to experience the "zone". They know they can do it, yet life sometimes gets in the way. They are keen to learn and grow. And they put investment in people first. This includes themselves. The outcomes are measurable: At the office and in their personal life.

We address challenges at the cognitive, emotional and somatic (physical) level. Only when mind, heart and body are aligned, greatness is possible. During sessions, I strive to fuel passion and insights. In between, customized practices deepen the learning - to continuously bring out the best in my clients. Informed by thorough understanding of adult learning and the latest findings of neurological research, I coach for sustainable change.

He listened.
And such listening as his
Envelops us in such a silence
That at last we can hear
What it is we are meant to be."
Lao Tzu

Team Coaching

Teams are powerful, dynamic and creative, when there’s trust and understanding in place. Such teams can think independently, and subsequently produce excellent results.

I use various tools to get teams to think better for themselves. To be more accountable. To be more open. To be more daring. To come up with new ideas.

As a certified Time To Think facilitator, I teach and apply the popular corporate turnaround process Transforming Meetings TM. It’s a comprehensive, stand-alone Thinking Environment® group experience, which produces immediate business outcomes. Plus, it leaves behind a skill that the group can continue to use. I also facilitate the Time To Think Council, which is a gentle way of benefitting from the experience and knowledge of all team members.

I have worked in communications for more than 25 years – a journey which took me from Berlin to Vienna to Cape Town. As a profile writer for an international business magazine, I was privileged to interact with leaders around the globe. In 2001, I moved to South Africa, and made my passion for people my new career. Through coaching, I now assist individuals – on their own and as members of a team - to become happier, healthier and more productive human beings.

In addition, I support individuals and teams to make more impactful presentations at meetings. When speaking to a group, presenters have the unique chance to generate fresh thinking in their audience. Often this opportunity is lost – people switch off, become distracted, step into judgement. The key skill is connection. Easier said, than done. We do it for real.

Skills enhanced through Team Coaching:

  • Learning to reflect
  • Knowing where you stand
  • Understanding others better
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Listening with presence and integrity
  • Seeking and giving feedback
  • Framing powerful questions to open up new possibilities

Facilitation and Training

I have the pleasure to be involved in exciting projects: In 2017, I was invited by a United Nations agency to virtually coach and train their supervisors in leadership skills. The program has since been rolled out worldwide. I enjoy this meaningful work thoroughly.

At the South African Institute for Applied Psychology (SACAP), I teach colleagues as an educator in the ICF core competencies. With respected experts in the field, I offer the Leader as Coach Program which introduces the collaborative coaching culture into corporates.

As a certified Time To Think Facilitator, I create Thinking Environments for teams and groups. I’m in awe of the fresh ideas and creative solutions that surface every time, when participants move into truly independent thinking.

My virtual work - training, coaching, mentoring and supervising – is the future. Clients can be in remote places and still feel close. I comfortably work with larger groups in webinars, with a focus on maximum interactivity for optimal connection and learning.

Supervision for Coaches

Supervision makes you a better coach. It’s that simple. It creates a safe environment to reflect on and improve your professional practice. It helps to maintain ethical standards, provides support and invites growth. It's forward moving and outcome oriented - and ensures that the coach's personal issues don’t get in the way of the client's progress.

The latest upside - supervision hours now count towards your ICF credential.

I offer individual and group supervision. Online and in person. Please contact me for more details.


I help my clients to find themselves first, so they can truly be there for others.

I have worked in communications for more than 25 years – a journey which took me from Berlin to Vienna to Cape Town. As a profile writer for an international business magazine, I was privileged to interact with leaders around the globe. In 2001, I moved to South Africa, and made my passion for people my new career. Through coaching, I now assist individuals – on their own and as members of a team - to become happier, healthier and more productive human beings. In addition to my academic credentials and professional certifications, I have studied health and nutrition for many years, and bring the latest edge of neuroscience to my work. I’m the lucky mother of four incredible children, and look after myself through yoga and meditation.

Trained as an Integral Coach©, my approach also draws from the Enneagram, Thinking Environment® (Nancy Kline), Transactional Analysis and Leadership Embodiment (Wendy Palmer). I coach, supervise and train in English and in German - in person and virtually.

A Fulbright scholarship allowed me to study for a Master’s in the U.S., which led to a PhD in communications science in Austria.

I’m certified as an Integral Coach through the UCT Graduate School of Business (Centre for Coaching). I’m credentialed at MCC level with the International Coach Federation (ICF). With ICF, I’m also a Registered Mentor Coach. As a certified coach supervisor, I hold a diploma from the ICF accredited UK Coaching Development.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself"


What my clients say about their experience

Antje was insightful, flexible in her approach, and never losing sight of one’s needs. I have added alternative strategies to my personal and business life, which have led to fantastic results. Through removing assumptions, she allowed me to reach a zone, where I could think clearly and creatively."
Yobe Mvula, Divisional Executive, Woolworths
We invited Antje to the Solution Space to speak to a room full of tech entrepreneurs on the “The Cost of Yes, and the Art of No”. How she ran the workshop was beyond everyone’s expectation. The session was honest and empowering, the workshop valuable and powerful."
Shiela Yabo, UCT Graduate School of Business
Antje made it easy for me to share my thoughts and work through them in an effective way. She empowered me to feel in full control of my situation and helped me to gain the confidence I needed to step up to my leadership role this year. Antje's sharing of her own story and insight at Herschel Girls Senior School's Leadership Symposium also inspired a large group of leaders by giving them direction, confidence and focus."
Emma Green, Head Girl 2014, Herschel Girls Senior School
The program helped in providing me with simple and yet essential tools to apply daily in my interactions with people and colleagues. I have a better and deeper understanding of myself. I also understand the dynamics of my environment and those around me, and how to manage the interaction between these and focus on the bigger picture. Importantly, the value of respecting others, while I still remain authentic and speak my truth."
Fiona Gumede, General Manager, Engen Petroleum
Loving the experiential Time To Think workshop - I so appreciate the calm internal space Antje opens up, which gives me the freedom to access what I think. And feel. And learn invaluable process methodology at the same time."
Gill Figaji, Coach and Facilitator Figtree Training
Antje brings with her a resounding wisdom, intellect and depth of experience.  Her facilitation of our Executive Team’s strategy session was excellent, and her impact on the team was profound.  Antje has a gravitas, calm and humility which opens people (even the most sceptic) to her almost immediately."
Barbara Stewart, Executive Manager, V&A Waterfront
Antje’s approach was holistic. It didn’t merely look at me as a professional person, but her approach integrated interventions for my physical, occupational, emotional and social well-being. After all, these are all interconnected. I see definite improvements, and I am grateful for her help."
Kanshukan Rajaratnam, UCT Faculty of Commerce
Antje has the ability to ask powerful questions that unlock possibilities. She creates a safe space where I can be vulnerable, and also challenge myself to grow more into my coaching voice. I deeply respect her integrity as a coach supervisor."
Gretha Cronje, Coach, Consultant and Facilitator

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Yabonga – empower, rebuild, uplift

For 20 years, I’ve been involved at Yabonga Children’s Projects, currently as a non-executive director. The Cape Town based NPO helps 1000 children, infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, with homework, a warm meal and psycho-social support. It has been a heart-warming privilege to learn, to share and to care. We have a wonderful team who help where it matters most.

I would love to hear from you, if you want to hear more about Yabonga.